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overview of abortion procedures

Determining the right abortion procedure for you

If you're thinking about abortion, we can talk with you about a few different abortion methods. You may be offered the option to have an in-clinic abortion procedure, or you may be offered the abortion pill. Whichever abortion procedure you are considering, we can help you decide what is best for you.

In-clinic abortion

In-clinic abortions start with an ultrasound to confirm your gestation. The in-clinic abortion procedure typically lasts less than 10 minutes and is considered very low risk. You’ll be given a local anesthetic to ensure your comfort. Other pain medications are available as well (be sure you have someone to drive you home in this case). If your pregnancy is more than 12 weeks, we may use a medication to soften the cervix,  which enables us to perform the abortion more easily--this may cause your appointment to last longer, but it will still be completed in one visit.

medical abortion

Some patients may choose medical abortion procedures (abortion pill), due to its less invasive nature. The abortion itself may occur immediately or not for several weeks, which is why some patients prefer the in-clinic procedure (above) to ensure the abortion was completed while you’re in our office. Medical abortions are approximately 96% effective. And in cases where this type of procedure fails, it will be necessary to return to our office for an in-clinic abortion.

Parental consent for abortions in Washington State

Washington State requires no parental involvement requirement. Minors may receive an abortion and abortion related services at any age in the State of Washington without the consent of a parent, guardian or the father of the child.

It's safe. It's legal. And it's your choice as a woman.

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