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frequently asked questions

Q | Which type of abortion is best for me?

Women who are no more than 9 weeks into the pregnancy have the option of either an in-clinic or medical abortion. First trimester in-clinic abortions have less risk involved than the medical abortion, though both types are considered very safe.

Q | Will the in-clinic abortion hurt?

An in-clinic abortion can cause cramping, similar to cramping experienced with a menstrual period. Pain medication is given before and after the procedure. The procedure lasts 4-8 minutes, depending on how far you are into the pregnancy. With assistance of the medical assistant and the pain medication, most women are able to get through the procedure easily.

Q | Can my boyfriend/ husband/ mother/ friend be in the procedure room with me?

Yes, you may have one support person with you at the clinic, and that person is allowed with you in the procedure room if you wish. Because our waiting room is small, we require that you limit your guests to one.

Q | How long can I expect to be there?

Although the actual procedure itself lasts 4-8 minutes, you can expect to be at our clinic for 1-2 hours. There are medical forms to be completed, lab work and ultrasound to be done, materials to review as well as individual counseling sessions and recovery time. We will give you the individual attention you deserve. Time can be saved on your appointment day by downloading and completing medical forms before your appointment.

Q | What forms of payment are accepted? | Is there a payment plan? | Is there any financial assistance available?

You can pay by cash, or credit card - Visa, Master Card or American Express. No personal checks will be accepted. Payment must be made at time of your service. If you have medical insurance, please let our receptionist know at the time you make your appointment. We do take most insurances, as well as DSHS, but the receptionist must know of this prior to your appointment so she may confirm coverage.

Q | I had an abortion last week and I'm testing positive on a home pregnancy test. Am I still pregnant?

We strongly encourage you not to do a home pregnancy test before returning for your follow up appointment at the center, or your own doctor. Pregnancy hormones levels can be detected by a pregnancy test for 3-4 weeks after a surgical or medical abortion, even though you are no longer pregnant. Doing a home test can be confusing and unnecessarily frightening. We recommend you return for your follow up visit 2 - 3 weeks after your surgery to confirm you are no longer pregnant.

Q | Will a doctor be able to tell I had an abortion?

It is unlikely that a doctor can tell that you had an abortion. However, a pregnancy and abortion procedure is an important part of your medical history, and we encourage honesty with your doctor. We also understand the fear and concern of being "judged" or treated badly by medical personnel. Most OB/ GYN’s are supportive of all reproduction choices, including abortion.

Q | Will I be able to get pregnant after my abortion?

There is no evidence that abortion has any effect on fertility or future pregnancies. Having an abortion does not interfere with your ability to have children in the future.

Q | When will I get my next period? How will I feel after the procedure?

Your next period should come in about 4-6 weeks. You may feel emotional after the procedure, and this varies from relief and happiness, to grief and guilt. It may be important to find a supportive friend or family member to talk to about your feelings. We recommend that you don’t do any strenuous activity or lifting over 10 lbs for 2 weeks as you have some cramping and bleeding after the procedure. Most of our patients have no complications, but if you have questions or concerns, we have a 24-hour emergency number.

Q | When is it too late to have an abortion?

We can estimate how far you are into the pregnancy if you can give us the first day of your last menstrual period. When you are here, we will do an ultrasound and that will give us a more definite idea of your gestation. Our doctors have individual gestational limits so we will schedule your appointment accordingly, and as soon as possible. At our clinic we go to 16 weeks, and we have clinics we can refer you to if your gestation is beyond that.

Cash, Visa, Master Card, American Express, DSHS and most insurance.

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